Busy Season

Long time no see, girls. It has been about two weeks since my last post. I was really busy all these days. Plenty of work and numerous weddings. But in fact I am happy to attend this weddings because there are beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses and some other amazing piece. Now I am free and finally I can go back to my prom dress thing.


The essential and only way to relax myself after busy work is to dedicate myself to my passions- fashion. Today I decided to have some fun with you. Hope you will enjoy yourself together with me especially when you also have had a busy period.


No more introduction or something, let’s just check these prom styles.



I decided to choose this dress because of the modified A-line silhouette. In the description, it is in “ball gown”, but I think the dress is not “ball” enough. Anyway, it is prefect for the prom. Wear a crown then no more accessories to the prom, you might be the prom queen.



I think this dress perfect for all those women who want to hide their pounds too. However, empire dress is not only used to cover fat, but also it will gives a taller and slimmer look. The beads dotted at this dress looks fabulous and let the body shine. I know some of you might prefer brilliant colors, but don’t you think the pleats pretty cute?



With this kind of dress, your long legs will point out and all eyes will be towards you. This is not too tight but still shows the feminine curves. Will you believe pink and black will be a great match?


I am not sure if you like the three long or high low dresses, so here comes the short ones.



So, at the end of the post, all I want to say is that hope you all have a nice weekend. Smile every day.




The First and Key Point to Note

When you are preparing for some big events including prom and homecoming if you are a school girl and wedding and bridesmaid if you are an adult. One of the first and key questions people often ask is “what is your color scheme?” It is one of the most important question as your color scheme impacts a lot of important things including: whole piece, two piece, combination, and other match things including shoes, handbags and makeup.


There is nothing wrong to plan ahead your prom because we understand that prom is the most memorable event in our high school life and believe me even after you graduate or already in your college level you will always look back and reminisce your prom, especially now that people are into social media where we usually post our throwback picture of our prom. Anyway what is more important is that you enjoy your moment have fun and get socialize with your friends and classmate with your get up that you have been planning ahead of time I’m pretty sure that you will possess a confident attitude in the prom.


And now let’s go back to the color of the prom dresses.

  1. Royal Blue is a great color suitable for all skin types, black white and yellow. Some other bright colors may also good for dark skin girls. But royal blue seems to be the best one.



  1. Red is a color to catch attentions. If you do not agree, just see all the traffic signs the traffic lights and some slogans around you.


  1. Black color can narrow the eyesight and cause a slimmer look. So if you want to reshape your figure, choose black or some dark colors. If you do not like black, choose some designs to give you the slim illusion. But here we just talk about the color.


  1. White is one of the most classic colors. It gives a touch of romance and purity. Usually it reminds me of the Greek beauty in ancient times, elegant and ethereal.


  1. Combined colors may satisfy your different needs. Usually it makes you look unique at the prom. However, do not use more than three colors in one dress. Or you will look like a palette.




So, before picking one dress, first you need to make sure what effect you want. And choose the color based on your need. I believe you will get an amazing dress for your happy prom night.


All these tips are given according to my own experience. Hope it works to you as well.

Long Time No See, Prom Girls

Hi dear, How are you all? Today I want to admit that I have always been a fan of amazing fashionable and wonderful dresses after all every girl loves to be fashionable and beautiful, I am no exception. But maybe you have already know that, or maybe you are even the same fashion addict like me.


So I always keep on browsing internet for the same. Nowadays it has become my habit or I must say that I am getting addicted to online shopping. Very recently I got stumbled upon a website which is offering some amazing designer dresses which I liked a lot so I thought why not share my happy fashion time on this wonderful website today at my beloved blog.


I have to admit that these days, I just focus on the fashion news and beautiful dress things and forget to blog. Yesterday one of my fans contact me to say hello, so I suddenly realize I have not written for some period. So, really sorry for your waiting.


Here I wanna show some of my favorite dresses I keep in my favorites and carts. Maybe it helps if you are in the dilemma of picking one for your special occasions including weddings, proms and evenings.


Top 2 Bridal Gowns of my favorite:




These are both my friend and I like very much:


And the two are in short length, beautiful for proms, homecomings or cocktails:


Or, if you have some other requirements, please let me know in the comments or in some other ways.

Are You Ready for the Prom in 2017?

Hey beauty and fashion lovers! Summer holiday is over now and I hope all of you have a nice holiday time. Now most of you have gone back to school. But besides the studies at school, do you still keep the prom for next year in mind? You should really prepare for the prom now because sometimes dress you bought is not that fit for you.


If you have the same thought with me, why not check my styles here?



It is a festival of color and you guys must be aware that I am a huge color fan just like you, this is what makes this festival one of my favorites. I know you ladies love seeing new and beautiful things here at this blog so I always try to add some great and best stuff here.



As I always say that I love all fashion things especially the dresses. In short I love looking best and doing the best. This thinking of mine keeps me going and encourages me to try new things and opt for the best and latest stuff in the market.


Well! This is not new that I am sharing a prom dress post here but what make this post unique is the wonderful designs of the latest and the best prom dresses for the proms in 2017 year. You must be more than excited to see my latest wish list of prom dresses 2017, right? So to satisfy you, I check the whole site with the over 3000 styles to find these top 5 ones.



This one is kind of Chinese styles seen from the front side. So it might show your elegance at the prom if you wear this one. Besides the elegant look, the dress (#020100112) is has a pretty complicated back design. If you want to know more about the dress, leave your needs at the comments.



Also, I love white color and that’s why this pearl white dress makes to my wish list. And in fact I have kept this short white prom dresses in my cart for a long time. But I do not know if I should buy it because I already have one in white.



And last, this one is pretty unique in style. The color changes gradually without any suddenness. And the chiffon cover at the lace dress is so flowy. Amazing design!


Do you like my picks today? Let me know if you love these.



Amazing Styles May Astonish Your School Mate at Proms

Chics, have you already made preparations for your coming prom? To teens, the most important event is prom, homecoming and quinceanera. And compared with the other events, prom is the most common one. So it seems pretty important to dress well at this occasion where all girls show their beauty.


Jessica Alba And The Honest Company Celebrate The Launch Of The Springtime In Paris Diaper Collection


We’re pretty obsessed with Jessica Alba in this gorgeous white lace dress. Obviously her shoe choice was on point as well—a silver pointy-toe pump is perfection with this look and so much more fun (and unexpected) than a basic nude scrappy stiletto.


'Kung Fu Panda 3' German Premiere


Prom is really your opportunity to go all out, fashion wise, which kind of means anything goes, color wise. Although most girls might play it safe with white, metallic hues like silver and black especially the LBD is also on-trend these days, as are over-the-top gowns. Remember Amal Clooney’s red and black work of art dress?! We love Kat Hudson’s white-meets-black number though, which amps up the sex appeal with a sheer bottom.


Tony Honors Cocktail Party Presenting The 2016 Tony Honors For Excellence In The Theatre And Honoring The 2016 Special Award Recipients - Arrivals


Wearing white to everything is a bit done, don’t you think? Surprise everyone with a super fem frock at the post-wedding brunch instead. Lupita Nyong’o’s floral skirt and fitted top combo is pure outfitgoals.


So, these dresses are really appealing for the prom. Maybe there are more beautiful ones out of here, but they might satisfy you a lot.

Unset for Your Prom? Let Lauren Conrad Guide You

I will always go online to check some celebrity’s formal look when picking my dress for some special occasions like prom, ball or homecoming. Normally, I will get some inspiration from their looks. The method helps me attend parties and attract some attention successfully.

This time, I look over Lauren Conrad’s look and found me some prom dresses alike. I have to say that we, any one who are going to parties, look to the blonde beauty for inspiration on what to wear.

Lauren Conrad is a TV personage who came out of the reality television series “Laguna Beach.” Like most Cali high schoolers, Conrad’s “going out” attire consisted mostly of provocative blouses and baggy flare leg jeans. She eventually gravitated toward baby-doll dresses that showed off her bronze glow. Now, the young mogul can be spotted on the red carpet sporting modest sheath dresses and pumps.


The look is shown long ago, in 2005. Although already 10 years passed, the look is still elegant and sexy today. Sweetheart mini dress in black. Black is a color that never goes wrong for any formal occasions.Below I found 2 similar ones.

One Ball Gown Silhouette:


One Asymmetric One Shoulder:


This look appears last year. The dress shows both the wearer’s elegance and the sexiness. The neckline stands out her perfect feminine curves while Lauren Conrad looks much younger and even cute in the color daffodil.



Then 2 similar dresses I find go below.

Almost the exact one:


Similar but pretty elegant one:


What do you think of Lauren Conrad’s look? And do you love the dress looks I find? Please do let me know your opinion.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Red Carpet Style Gets Better and Better as the Year Goes By

We already know that you look to Brazilian Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio for laid-back street style inspiration, Summer boho looks, and comfortable weekend shoe choices, but this roundup is about to convince you that her red carpet style is also seriously enviable.

From supersexy Versace at the Grammys to princess-worthy Zuhair Murad at the Cannes Film Festival, Alessandra is leaving everyone wanting more every time she steps out to attend an award show or party. Keep reading to see all the impressive looks she’s selected to wear in 2016 so far. When you’re done, get ready to pin every single one of her weekend outfits to your fashion inspiration board.

1. May in Cap d’Antibes, France


2. May in New York City


3. May in Niteroi, Brazil


4. June in Berlin


5. June in London



6. July in Marbella, Spain


7. August in Rio de Janeiro