i want to show you this beautiful discount prom dresses 2018

Tick Sock! The watch is trying to remind you that even thought the winter has come, you don’t have to forget about the fact that in a few months you will be graduating from you high school or college! I still have 2 year yet to come of school, but that doesn’t mean that i haven’t looked on the internet for some mermaid prom dresses to fit my silhouette next year when i’ll be going to my boyfriends prom and graduation!


V-neck Good Chiffon Tulle Crystal Detailing Sweep Train Open Back Prom Dresses

He will be soon a doctor so as you can guess, there will be a big party and i must look impeccable! I think that until then i have to decide whether i want to wear a short or long dress, but from what i heard from his friends, this year they are planning an elegant evening so in this case, i have to pull out an amazing dress to rock the night! So, today i want to show you this beautiful discount prom dresses 2018.

Trumpet/Mermaid Scoop Neck Tulle Appliques Lace Red Exclusive Prom Dresses


Gorgeous V-neck Lace Tulle with Beading Trumpet/Mermaid Prom Dress

You can buy even dresses dedicated to the prom

On my wedding day my four prom were with me. They had dresses of the same color, but each chose a different fashion for each of them. prom are one of the most beautiful and interesting elements in the wedding. You can buy even dresses dedicated to the prom. A couple of inspirations for the 2017 wedding season I found in the online shop pickedresses.com.

Affordable Ball Gown Strapless Tulle with Beading Pink Prom Dress

I have prepared for You some of the inspiration You can see below. On the website of pickedresses.com You will find a lot of long prom dresses in various styles and colors. Dresses are unique. You will not find them in a regular store, and there is also a huge selection of wedding dresses. Your prom should be directed to pickedresses.com online shop.

Dark Green Lace Tulle Scoop Neck Trumpet/Mermaid Long Sleeve Prom Dresses

Do not be afraid of the wrong size because all dimensions are described in detail. Girls with beautiful legs will find something also. You will find a lot of short prom dresses.
Tulle is reigning everywhere and is abundant, like lace. For those of You who like two-piece dresses, I have also picked up a few proposals. Flat belly owners can afford it 🙂 Take advantage of the promotion currently on the pickedresses.com website. Do not miss the attractive prices 🙂 I recommend and invite You to shop 🙂

Sheath/Column V-neck Chiffon Tulle Split Front Open Back Prom Dresses


Short/Mini Off-the-shoulder Chiffon Tulle Appliques Lace Cheap Prom Dresses


Open Back Jersey Court Train V-neck Long Sleeve Trumpet/Mermaid Prom Dresses

I am proud to introduce you to this amazing website pickedresses.com

Hi dear girls, and today again one of the most wanted topics on my blog, Prom dresses and Bridesmaid dresses. I am proud to introduce you to this amazing website pickedresses.com.

Strapless Chiffon Beading Original Short/Mini Royal Blue Prom Dresses

They have amazing dresses as Long Prom Dresses and Short Prom Dresses and they have amazing wedding dresses. One of my favorite dresses is the first one pink dress. I am so in love with this dress because it has lovely lace and beautiful V neck shape. It’s so romantic and I like it so much.

Prettiest Short/Mini Sweetheart Tulle Appliques Lace White Prom Dresses


Black Tulle Crystal Detailing Sweetheart Good Short/Mini Prom Dresses

The Prom is coming and If you don’t know what to wear check out pickedresses.com and find some great inspiration. I made my wish list here and you can check out every dress that I like by clicking on link below the picture you like. I’m sure you will find some cool dresses. Love xoxo

Two Piece Scoop Neck Tulle Appliques Lace Short/Mini Cute Prom Dress


Trumpet/Mermaid High Neck Taffeta Beading Long Sleeve Two Piece Prom Dress

look up for some prom dresses Liverpool that is trendy this year

February is a month to celebrate love. It is month where people become extra sweet. High school students have been waiting for this month. It is the time where girls wear their dream gowns and boys wear their trendy tuxedos. As someone who experienced attending a prom, I believe that girls really does prepare extra for this somewhat once in a lifetime event. I’ve been missing my high school life and decided to look up for some prom dresses Liverpool that is trendy this year.

Off-the-shoulder Princess Tulle Appliques Lace Pretty Pink Prom Dresses

Luckily, I found pickedresses.com. I included my top picks from the website because I wanted to give inspirations to the girls who will have their prom and have been so confused of what they should wear.

The first one is the tulle chiffon scoop neck trumpet/mermaid sweep train with split front prom dresses. This color will match fair skin because of it’s color and I liked the details of this dress.

Trumpet/Mermaid Black Tulle Court Train Appliques Lace Perfect Prom Dresses

If you’re feeling extra sexy and sweet. This silk-like satin scoop neck a-line floor-length with ruffles prom dresses is for you because of it’s color and texture. Gotta love red and silk!

This chiffon scoop neck a-line floor-length with beading prom dresses will give you the classy look you’re into because of the color and it’s details.

Different Blue A-line Chiffon Tulle Appliques Lace V-neck Prom Dresses


Discounted Scoop Neck Chiffon with Appliques Lace Long Prom Dresses

Today is a great day because I want to introduce you pickedresses.com

Today is a great day because I want to introduce you pickedresses.com, the colored online shopping store for all tastes.

Red Trumpet/Mermaid Scoop Neck Lace Silk-like Satin Long Sleeve Prom Dress

A special dress in a special occasion makes a woman very happy, and this is the same all around the world, women want to dream and to feel like a princess, just for one day. If you want a high quality dress, but not so expensive, you have to take a look to their website. you can find wonderful cheap prom dresses like the ones I want to show you today.

Light Sky Blue Backless Chiffon Floor-length Ruffles Halter Prom Dress

You can buy beautiful long dresses with different shape and different fabric. Who has never desired to have a long elegant dress such us the actress on the red carpet? Today your desires can be real!
Do you want some examples? They are here for you, in these beautiful pics! It is important to choose the best dress that is going to fit you, according to the shape of your body, and the right color according your hair and your eyes.
For example if you are blonde you are wonderful wearing green dresses, if you are brunette, you are wonderful with pastel colors. All their colors are bright, popular but also classic, so you can wear it more times being always stylish.

Newest Trumpet/Mermaid V-neck Tulle Appliques Lace Long Sleeve Prom Dress


A-line Scoop Neck Elegant Satin with Lace Long Prom Dress


Two Piece Princess Tulle with Beading Designer High Neck Prom Dress

Discover it to believe ^_^

I discover such graceful and modern prom dresses

I usually use to talk to my fashion tips post about formal and traditional dresses. I do that because it’ s easy to get the perfect one without doing mistakes.
Today I want to do an exception because while I was surfing on online fashion boutiques I stopped enchanted.

A-line Scoop Neck Satin Tulle with Beading Backless Elegant Prom Dresses

Yesterday I was looking for a prom dress. Springtime is here and now magically I will receive a lot of events invitations. Marriages, parties, special cocktail events and a lot of dinners. With warm season people awake and organize a lot of public events !

So I put my attention to find a special dress so I start looking for white prom dresses to be perfect and fashionable. I think, when I have to choose a dress, this one have to send a message to everyone suggesting what kind of girl I am and what is easy or not communicate with me.

Short Sleeve Red Elastic Woven Satin Floor-length Beading Two Piece Prom Dresses

I was really surprise because I found a lot of beautiful dresses and my heart accelerate to pump when I discover such graceful and modern prom dresses.
Elegance meets grace. Fashion meets femininity. All these dresses are so beautiful and perfect. Their modern design is really fashionable and price is really cheap!

On pickedresses.com we have a lot of great choice. Time to prepare our dress is really short and shipping is really fast too. If you have some minutes free take this time to visit this site I think you will find beautiful surprises!

Affordable Scoop Neck Blue Chiffon Tulle Appliques Lace Floor-length Prom Dresses


Open Back V-neck Chiffon Crystal Detailing Online Trumpet/Mermaid Prom Dresses


High Neck Open Back Tulle with Beading Ball Gown Designer Prom Dresses



my favorite details of this dress are the sleeves

Hello everyone, this week I tried to be a little more active around here; I take advantage of weekends or free days to write a little. Today we will see a little about what this season offers pickedresses.com, I follow them in pinterest and I love the boards that are full of very nice dresses for any occasion.
This dress would be perfect for a graduation or event in which you have to look very elegant, my favorite details of this dress are the sleeves on shoulders and the corset type that has on the back.

Pearl Pink Scoop Neck Tulle Chiffon with Beading Formalotion Long Formal Dresses

As soon as I saw this model, I remembered Jessica Rabbit, and well, who does not like Jessica Rabbit? With this dress you will steal the look of everyone present.

Hot A-line Scoop Neck Chiffon with Beading Pearl Pink Long Formal Dresses

The detail of the lace (tell me if it is not lace) and the type of fabric is what I find romantic and elegant, I could combine it with a “disheveled” hairstyle with a romantic braid.

A-line Scoop Neck Chiffon with Sequins Sweet Pink Long Formal Dresses

But you will not only find dresses for women and sritas. They also have a wide section of dresses for little girls and the truth that they are all very beautiful and eye-catching like the following:

Trumpet/Mermaid Scalloped Neck Satin Tulle Appliques Lace Royal Blue Long Sleeve Formal Dress

It’s like a fairy tale dress, the detail of the flower is the most beautiful.

The price of the products is in dollars and if your purchase is greater than 299 dollars the international shipping is completely free. Dress of girl is related to the best parcel companies such as DHL. Did you like the dresses? What is your favorite?

Busy Season

Long time no see, girls. It has been about two weeks since my last post. I was really busy all these days. Plenty of work and numerous weddings. But in fact I am happy to attend this weddings because there are beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses and some other amazing piece. Now I am free and finally I can go back to my prom dress thing.


The essential and only way to relax myself after busy work is to dedicate myself to my passions- fashion. Today I decided to have some fun with you. Hope you will enjoy yourself together with me especially when you also have had a busy period.


No more introduction or something, let’s just check these prom styles.



I decided to choose this dress because of the modified A-line silhouette. In the description, it is in “ball gown”, but I think the dress is not “ball” enough. Anyway, it is prefect for the prom. Wear a crown then no more accessories to the prom, you might be the prom queen.



I think this dress perfect for all those women who want to hide their pounds too. However, empire dress is not only used to cover fat, but also it will gives a taller and slimmer look. The beads dotted at this dress looks fabulous and let the body shine. I know some of you might prefer brilliant colors, but don’t you think the pleats pretty cute?



With this kind of dress, your long legs will point out and all eyes will be towards you. This is not too tight but still shows the feminine curves. Will you believe pink and black will be a great match?


I am not sure if you like the three long or high low dresses, so here comes the short ones.



So, at the end of the post, all I want to say is that hope you all have a nice weekend. Smile every day.



The First and Key Point to Note

When you are preparing for some big events including prom and homecoming if you are a school girl and wedding and bridesmaid if you are an adult. One of the first and key questions people often ask is “what is your color scheme?” It is one of the most important question as your color scheme impacts a lot of important things including: whole piece, two piece, combination, and other match things including shoes, handbags and makeup.


There is nothing wrong to plan ahead your prom because we understand that prom is the most memorable event in our high school life and believe me even after you graduate or already in your college level you will always look back and reminisce your prom, especially now that people are into social media where we usually post our throwback picture of our prom. Anyway what is more important is that you enjoy your moment have fun and get socialize with your friends and classmate with your get up that you have been planning ahead of time I’m pretty sure that you will possess a confident attitude in the prom.


And now let’s go back to the color of the prom dresses.

  1. Royal Blue is a great color suitable for all skin types, black white and yellow. Some other bright colors may also good for dark skin girls. But royal blue seems to be the best one.



  1. Red is a color to catch attentions. If you do not agree, just see all the traffic signs the traffic lights and some slogans around you.


  1. Black color can narrow the eyesight and cause a slimmer look. So if you want to reshape your figure, choose black or some dark colors. If you do not like black, choose some designs to give you the slim illusion. But here we just talk about the color.


  1. White is one of the most classic colors. It gives a touch of romance and purity. Usually it reminds me of the Greek beauty in ancient times, elegant and ethereal.


  1. Combined colors may satisfy your different needs. Usually it makes you look unique at the prom. However, do not use more than three colors in one dress. Or you will look like a palette.




So, before picking one dress, first you need to make sure what effect you want. And choose the color based on your need. I believe you will get an amazing dress for your happy prom night.


All these tips are given according to my own experience. Hope it works to you as well.

Long Time No See, Prom Girls

Hi dear, How are you all? Today I want to admit that I have always been a fan of amazing fashionable and wonderful dresses after all every girl loves to be fashionable and beautiful, I am no exception. But maybe you have already know that, or maybe you are even the same fashion addict like me.


So I always keep on browsing internet for the same. Nowadays it has become my habit or I must say that I am getting addicted to online shopping. Very recently I got stumbled upon a website which is offering some amazing designer dresses which I liked a lot so I thought why not share my happy fashion time on this wonderful website today at my beloved blog.


I have to admit that these days, I just focus on the fashion news and beautiful dress things and forget to blog. Yesterday one of my fans contact me to say hello, so I suddenly realize I have not written for some period. So, really sorry for your waiting.


Here I wanna show some of my favorite dresses I keep in my favorites and carts. Maybe it helps if you are in the dilemma of picking one for your special occasions including weddings, proms and evenings.


Top 2 Bridal Gowns of my favorite:




These are both my friend and I like very much:


And the two are in short length, beautiful for proms, homecomings or cocktails:


Or, if you have some other requirements, please let me know in the comments or in some other ways.