Busy Season

Long time no see, girls. It has been about two weeks since my last post. I was really busy all these days. Plenty of work and numerous weddings. But in fact I am happy to attend this weddings because there are beautiful bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses and some other amazing piece. Now I am free and finally I can go back to my prom dress thing.


The essential and only way to relax myself after busy work is to dedicate myself to my passions- fashion. Today I decided to have some fun with you. Hope you will enjoy yourself together with me especially when you also have had a busy period.


No more introduction or something, let’s just check these prom styles.



I decided to choose this dress because of the modified A-line silhouette. In the description, it is in “ball gown”, but I think the dress is not “ball” enough. Anyway, it is prefect for the prom. Wear a crown then no more accessories to the prom, you might be the prom queen.



I think this dress perfect for all those women who want to hide their pounds too. However, empire dress is not only used to cover fat, but also it will gives a taller and slimmer look. The beads dotted at this dress looks fabulous and let the body shine. I know some of you might prefer brilliant colors, but don’t you think the pleats pretty cute?



With this kind of dress, your long legs will point out and all eyes will be towards you. This is not too tight but still shows the feminine curves. Will you believe pink and black will be a great match?


I am not sure if you like the three long or high low dresses, so here comes the short ones.



So, at the end of the post, all I want to say is that hope you all have a nice weekend. Smile every day.




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