The First and Key Point to Note

When you are preparing for some big events including prom and homecoming if you are a school girl and wedding and bridesmaid if you are an adult. One of the first and key questions people often ask is “what is your color scheme?” It is one of the most important question as your color scheme impacts a lot of important things including: whole piece, two piece, combination, and other match things including shoes, handbags and makeup.


There is nothing wrong to plan ahead your prom because we understand that prom is the most memorable event in our high school life and believe me even after you graduate or already in your college level you will always look back and reminisce your prom, especially now that people are into social media where we usually post our throwback picture of our prom. Anyway what is more important is that you enjoy your moment have fun and get socialize with your friends and classmate with your get up that you have been planning ahead of time I’m pretty sure that you will possess a confident attitude in the prom.


And now let’s go back to the color of the prom dresses.

  1. Royal Blue is a great color suitable for all skin types, black white and yellow. Some other bright colors may also good for dark skin girls. But royal blue seems to be the best one.



  1. Red is a color to catch attentions. If you do not agree, just see all the traffic signs the traffic lights and some slogans around you.


  1. Black color can narrow the eyesight and cause a slimmer look. So if you want to reshape your figure, choose black or some dark colors. If you do not like black, choose some designs to give you the slim illusion. But here we just talk about the color.


  1. White is one of the most classic colors. It gives a touch of romance and purity. Usually it reminds me of the Greek beauty in ancient times, elegant and ethereal.


  1. Combined colors may satisfy your different needs. Usually it makes you look unique at the prom. However, do not use more than three colors in one dress. Or you will look like a palette.




So, before picking one dress, first you need to make sure what effect you want. And choose the color based on your need. I believe you will get an amazing dress for your happy prom night.


All these tips are given according to my own experience. Hope it works to you as well.


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