Are You Ready for the Prom in 2017?

Hey beauty and fashion lovers! Summer holiday is over now and I hope all of you have a nice holiday time. Now most of you have gone back to school. But besides the studies at school, do you still keep the prom for next year in mind? You should really prepare for the prom now because sometimes dress you bought is not that fit for you.


If you have the same thought with me, why not check my styles here?



It is a festival of color and you guys must be aware that I am a huge color fan just like you, this is what makes this festival one of my favorites. I know you ladies love seeing new and beautiful things here at this blog so I always try to add some great and best stuff here.



As I always say that I love all fashion things especially the dresses. In short I love looking best and doing the best. This thinking of mine keeps me going and encourages me to try new things and opt for the best and latest stuff in the market.


Well! This is not new that I am sharing a prom dress post here but what make this post unique is the wonderful designs of the latest and the best prom dresses for the proms in 2017 year. You must be more than excited to see my latest wish list of prom dresses 2017, right? So to satisfy you, I check the whole site with the over 3000 styles to find these top 5 ones.



This one is kind of Chinese styles seen from the front side. So it might show your elegance at the prom if you wear this one. Besides the elegant look, the dress (#020100112) is has a pretty complicated back design. If you want to know more about the dress, leave your needs at the comments.



Also, I love white color and that’s why this pearl white dress makes to my wish list. And in fact I have kept this short white prom dresses in my cart for a long time. But I do not know if I should buy it because I already have one in white.



And last, this one is pretty unique in style. The color changes gradually without any suddenness. And the chiffon cover at the lace dress is so flowy. Amazing design!


Do you like my picks today? Let me know if you love these.




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