Unset for Your Prom? Let Lauren Conrad Guide You

I will always go online to check some celebrity’s formal look when picking my dress for some special occasions like prom, ball or homecoming. Normally, I will get some inspiration from their looks. The method helps me attend parties and attract some attention successfully.

This time, I look over Lauren Conrad’s look and found me some prom dresses alike. I have to say that we, any one who are going to parties, look to the blonde beauty for inspiration on what to wear.

Lauren Conrad is a TV personage who came out of the reality television series “Laguna Beach.” Like most Cali high schoolers, Conrad’s “going out” attire consisted mostly of provocative blouses and baggy flare leg jeans. She eventually gravitated toward baby-doll dresses that showed off her bronze glow. Now, the young mogul can be spotted on the red carpet sporting modest sheath dresses and pumps.


The look is shown long ago, in 2005. Although already 10 years passed, the look is still elegant and sexy today. Sweetheart mini dress in black. Black is a color that never goes wrong for any formal occasions.Below I found 2 similar ones.

One Ball Gown Silhouette:


One Asymmetric One Shoulder:


This look appears last year. The dress shows both the wearer’s elegance and the sexiness. The neckline stands out her perfect feminine curves while Lauren Conrad looks much younger and even cute in the color daffodil.



Then 2 similar dresses I find go below.

Almost the exact one:


Similar but pretty elegant one:


What do you think of Lauren Conrad’s look? And do you love the dress looks I find? Please do let me know your opinion.


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